Reasons You May Need to go to an Urgent Care Facility

Reasons you would need to see a walk-in healthcare facility include not having medical insurance, needing to see a doctor in faster time than an emergency room, or wanting cheaper service than what you would get in an emergency room.

No Medical Insurance

Not all Americans can afford or have healthcare. Even for some of the government covered medical needs, the service that qualifies is not always worth the risk. Things happen, and sometimes you need urgent care wy. In events like these, if you do not have healthcare it can be really expensive or difficult to try to see a doctor as a self pay patient. A lack of medical insurance can leave us feeling helpless and even desperate, depending on the severity of the matter.

Need Immediate Care

The emergency room is for emergencies yes, but when you walk-in as a waiting patient, you should always be prepared to carve out four hours of your day. I’ve personally experienced this is different cities within the same state. Sometimes I’ve been able to get lucky. I guess there are peak times for trauma. At the urgent care facility, you can expect a wait, but you can probably shave off an hour or two at best. In some cases you can even make an appointment, if your assigned doctor works out of one of those centers. Dire situations tend to happen after normal business hours for doctors for people that don’t have the most money or best insurance. The only thing we can do is research the area for the fastest hospitals or find the closest urgent care and head there as soon as they open or are close to closing for the evening. I would suggest calling to find out what time they take their last patient.

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Cheaper Service

Emergency rooms pack a punch in medical bills, especially if you get VIP service. I rode an ambulance at least once, and it was a completely separate bill and very expensive. The ambulance is not an option we choose. Most of the time we have to ride in the ambulance because it’s an extreme emergency. The problem is when the bill comes you’re not going to be ready for it unless you put a few hundred aside right after you take the ride. Then there’s the treatment. Hopefully you have a simple yet urgent need that you fully understand. Accidental overdose or other common illnesses can be treated without all the additional tests. My guess is the more tests they have to run and the longer you stay, the more everything will cost. You’re paying for treatment, so if you know for sure the service you need, or even the medication you need, it may save you a ton to just go to an urgent care place.


Urgent care facilities can cost a little but they can save you a lot. They can treat most immediate needs. They will help you see a doctor with or without medical insurance, faster and for less money.