Issues Relating to Old People and Facilities

Old age comes with a slew of issues that can sometimes be difficult. The one big issue that leads to many other issues is health. Older people tend to go through physical and cognitive decline as they grow older. This leads to dependence upon other people such as friends, family, neighbors and nurses. Many times, elderly people are put into nursing homes and assisted living facilities under a number of circumstances. Here are a number of issues and circumstances that older people must face when it comes to the topic of being placed in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Being Needlessly Placed in Facilities

There is a big problem with how many older people are placed in facilities when they don’t completely need to be. Many of these situations happen because other people want to take advantage of them. There are situations where older people are given “guardians” by the state, even if they are sound of mind, able bodied, able to take care of themselves and are in close contact with relatives who are willing to help them. Situations are created in which strangers step into the picture and take full rights over all of the money and possessions of old people. As a result of these situations, the strangers steal loads of money and sell off the homes of old people without the consent of the old people or their families. Also, there is a problem with relatives pushing older people into nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Family members do this for the same reasons that strangers do this: to take control of the old person’s possessions and finances.

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Getting Things Right on Paper

When older people utilize nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there are a lot of logistics when it comes to finances and what old people are entitled to. For example, to get the services that one needs, an old person might have to look for a medicaid specialist massapequa ny, or another type of specialist. These things depend a lot on income, benefits and other things.

Being Abused in Facilities

There is a big problem with abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There are too many times when old people are spoken down to, disrespected and not taken seriously. This is very alarming, especially when an old person is trying to tell a nursing home worker what the right dose of his/her medication is, and that worker is insisting that the wrong dose is the correct dose. Also, old people tend to take medications that they would otherwise not be taking if they weren’t in facilities. It seems very questionable and sketchy to give old people in facilities cocktails of drugs that they don’t need

Also, there is a problem with workers at facilities neglecting their patients and not paying attention to them. This has led to some old people having problems and never getting help or getting help when it is too late. Occasionally, stories come out of how workers at facilities physically abuse patients, on purpose.